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Validity period of verification

Nationally stipulated time period for the individual types for which the verification is valid as a function of the measurement stability of the measuring instrument and its practical use. In Germany, for example, scales in general: 2 years; industrial scales with Max > 3 metric tons: 3 years; personal scales: 4 years; checkweighers: 1 year


1. Procedure in which the manufacturer or its proxy resident in the EU assures and declares that the non-automatic scale that was examined for conformity with the Directive on Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments 2014/31/EC fulfills the relevant stipulations of the Directive or corresponds to the type described in the respective EC type approval certificate. The manufacturer or its proxy resident in the EU affixes the CE marking to each scale and issues a written EC Declaration of Conformity. Although this procedure is carried out by the manufacturer, it is designated “EC verification“ in practice.
2. Procedure in which a Notified Body examines each individual non-automatic scale for conformity with the type described in the EC type approval certificate and the basic requirements of the mentioned directive. On determination of the said conformity, the Notified Body issues a declaration of conformity for each individual scale.

Verification instructions

Official instructions addressed to Weights and Measures authorities specifying how verifications are to be carried out.

Verification ordinance

Ordinance for the verification of measuring instruments that specifies details of the special regulations and the maximum permissible errors for the individual measuring instrument categories.

Verification scale interval

Value, expressed in units of mass, used for the classification and verification of a scale.

Verification stamp

Stamp or seal applied by the Weights and Measures authorities to the tested measuring instrument to attest that verification has been carried out.

Verification sticker

Stickers with the inscription “Verified until ...“. In Germany, verification stickers have the following colors:
1. Year with final digit 0 or 5: yellow
2. Year with final digit 1 or 6: brown
3. Year with final digit 2 or 7: blue
4. Year with final digit 3 or 8: gray
5. Year with final digit 4 or 9: green
The inscriptions are black. The marks are generally circular with a diameter of 22 or 30 mm.

Visceral adipose tissue

Body fat in the abdominal cavity.
(cf. seca patient printouts)