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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Payment & Billing

Which payment methods are available?

We accept the following payment methods:
  • Payment per credit card
  • Payment per PayPal

Will I receive an invoice?

After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation email, which you can print. An invoice will then be sent once the order has been processed and the goods have shipped.


Are there any shipping fees that will apply to my order?

All orders will be charged a separate shipping fee per item based on standard ground delivery from one of our two U.S. locations to your delivery address.

*Please be advised that all orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will be charged a non-refundable $35.00 shipping fee. For more information, contact seca customer service 1 800-542-7322.

Product Delivery costs
401 10.00
490 7.70
seca 201 8.00
seca 206 8.00
seca 207 17.00
seca 210 17.00
seca 212 17.00
seca 213 28.00
seca 217 27.50
seca 220 17.00
seca 222 27.50
seca 223 27.50
seca 232 17.00
seca 232 n 17.00
seca 233 17.00
seca 234 22.00
seca 264 30.00
seca 274 55.00
seca 284 55.00
seca 286 55.00
seca 333 i 30.00
seca 334 30.00
seca 354 30.00
seca 374 30.00
seca 400 11.00
seca 402 150.00
seca 403 150.00
seca 404 7.00
seca 405 7.00
seca 406 7.00
seca 409 10.00
seca 412 16.50
seca 413 16.50
seca 414 16.50
seca 415 16.50
seca 416 27.50
seca 417 27.50
seca 421 16.50
seca 428 16.50
seca 432 16.50
seca 437 11.00
seca 459 16.50
seca 472 38.50
seca 475 38.50
seca 477 38.50
seca 634 30.00
seca 644 150.00
seca 650 40.00
seca 656 300.00
seca 664 250.00
seca 674 250.00
seca 676 250.00
seca 684 300.00
seca 700 50.00
seca 703 50.00
seca 703 s 50.00
seca 719 30.00
seca 725 30.00
seca 727 30.00
seca 750 20.00
seca 755 45.00
seca 762 20.00
seca 769 40.00
seca 777 50.00
seca 787 50.00
seca 797 50.00
seca 803 24.00
seca 807 24.00
seca 852 24.00
seca 869 25.00
seca 876 25.00
seca 804 24.00
seca 813 24.00
seca 813 bt 24.00
seca 856 24.00
seca 869 25.00
seca 874 25.00
seca 874 dr 25.00
seca 952 150.00
seca 954 150.00
seca mBCA 525 195.00
seca mVSA 535 25.00
seca Scale-up Line (ON SHM INT NN) 95.00
seca Scale-up Line (ON SMM IUT NN) 105.00
seca Scale-up Line (ON SHM IUT NN) 120.00

When will my order ship?

Items in stock will ship out within 24 hours from one our two U.S. locations.

How does seca dispatch my order?

Our most frequently used carrier is UPS. Large items may be dispatched using a specialized carrier.

Where will the items I’m ordering ship from?

California or Maryland.


What is the return policy?

Additionally to the legal right of withdrawal which you can find in our GTC, seca offers a 30 day easy return process for all products ordered online*
* excluding seca mBCA 554 (Order code ONIHMIUTNN, ONIHMINTNN), secaTRU, seca mBCA 514, seca mBCA 525 and personalized/individualized products.
Items returned to seca should be done so within 30 days of receipt, and should meet the following criteria:
  • Goods must be returned as sold i.e. in the original packaging and in resalable condition.
  • Any free gifts or other additional bundled items delivered with the products must also be returned.
Please note you must organize the return of the items at your expense unless the item is faulty or incorrect due to an error by seca. In this instance your item will either be collected or postage will be refunded. This is at the decision of seca and cannot be requested.
If you would like to return an item please contact the seca customer service: 
(800) 542-7322 Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM – 4:00 PST.


What is the warranty on your products?

On most products including all digital ones, a two-year warranty applies that includes parts, labor and shipping the product back. All seca model 700 mechanical beam balance scales have a 5-year warranty.


Does the scale come calibrated?

Yes, the scale is calibrated at point of manufacture.

How often is calibration required?

There is no set standard about frequency of calibration, but generally for patient scales calibration is scheduled once every two years and not more frequently than once annually.

Questions about our online shop

If I need the User Manual for a product or have an inquiry
but would rather email instead of calling, is there an email address I can use?

Certainly, please send you inquiry to


Quality at seca with letter and seal - what does that mean?

When you purchase seca products, you acquire not only sophisticated technology developed over the past 175 years, but also high-quality measuring and weighing systems certified by governmental agencies and validated by scientific institutions. seca products comply with European directives, national laws and standards.

Environmental protection is taken very seriously at seca. Among other things, we are concerned with preserving our natural resources. We therefore remind you not to throw away your seca device with the usual household waste. The device must be properly disposed of as electronic scrap. Please observe your country's national regulations.

Do not throw away disposable and rechargeable batteries with household trash, regardless of whether they contain hazardous materials. As a consumer, you are legally obliged to dispose of all types of batteries at community or retail collection points. Hand over all batteries only in a completely discharged state. You can put the packaging material for your product into your community's recycling system.

As a consumer, how can I dispose of my used device?

Consumers may send their used devices to us for disposal. We will make sure that the devices are properly disposed of. Please send your device to seca corporation, 13601 Benson Avenue, Chino, Ca 91710.

What is the tolerance for my scale?

This depends on the model of scale. Please refer to your scale User Manual or call our Technical Service department for the specifications for your model, or email your inquiry including the model number to and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

What can I use to clean/sanitize my scale?

Any medical disinfecting wipe with a non-abrasive surface.

What materials are your scales made of?

Medical-grade, non-porous plastic surfaces, with sturdy steel frame.

Will the scale weigh accurately if the floor or the scale itself
is not perfectly level, or if the scale is on thin carpet?

Yes, this will not effect the accuracy of the scale.

I’m trying to mount one of your stadiometers to the wall, but the numbering on the stadiometer does
not match-up with the tape measure I’m using – is there something I’m missing?

The numbers on the stadiometer are offset to compensate for the space used by the headpiece. Due to this offset design, a tape measure placed in parallel with the stadiometer, when properly mounted to the wall, will not exactly match-up with the numbers on the stadiometer. Please consult the instructions for the installation of the height measurement device you purchased. If additional clarification or help is needed, feel free to call and speak with a member of our Technical Service department.

Do products that have batteries come with batteries included?

Yes, batteries are included. Most of our scales use standard size AA batteries. Our home/bathroom category of digital scales use size AAA batteries. Some of our larger medical multifunction scales use special rechargeable battery packs that do not need to be replaced; on those units the included AC adapter acts as a charger to both power the device and also recharges the internal rechargeable battery pack. Once charged, the internal battery pack can power the scale for several weeks or much longer depending on use.

I’m having a problem assembling / operating my scale, where can I get help?

Contact our toll free hotline at 1 800-542-7322. Customer service is available Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).