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seca mVSA

NEW: seca mVSA - Spot-check Vital Signs Monitor

Where simplicity meets accuracy

seca mVSA simplifies and quickens the routine task of capturing patient vitals: blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and SpO2

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The first scale that knows your name

Discover seca Scale-up Line

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Physical Distance Scales Physical Distance Scales™

for Independent Medical Weighing and Measuring

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Time to say good buy Time to say good buy

With our latest product line, it's time to say goodbye to everything that you used to know about column scales.

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seca 333 i seca 333 i

Transmits measured values –  
without pen, without delay, without error.

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Height Measurements The right size for everyone

Whether mobile, permanently mounted or digitally and networked, we have the right measuring system for you.

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mBCA medical Body Composition Analyzer from seca

Determine fat, muscles and water and get an immediate overview of body composition and health.

seca mBCA