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Fat mass

Total amount of fat in the body.
(cf. seca patient printouts)

Fat-free mass

Difference between body weight and fat mass. Water accounts for the largest share of fat-free mass. Muscles, bones, organs, cartilage, tendons and ligaments are also part of it. (cf. seca patient printouts)

Final weight value

Weight value that is achieved when the scale is completely at rest, with no disturbances affecting the indication.

Frankfurt Line Indicator

In the context of measuring patient height with a stadiometer device, a visible guideline or group of lines used to determine the horizontal plane passing through the inferior margin of the left orbit (the point called the left orbitale) and the upper margin of each ear canal or external auditory meatus, (a point called the porion) used to determine the cranium is in a normal position parallel to the floor to obtain an accurate patient height measurement.