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Legal metrology requirements

Regulations that must be fulfilled by a measuring instrument to be used in applications subject to legal metrology (compulsory verification). For non-automatic scales, these are the European Directive on Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments 2014/31/EC and the European Standard on Metrological Aspects of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments EN 45501. In Germany, the respective regulations are stipulated in the Verification Ordinance, General Section, and in Appendix 4 for non-automatic scales.

Legally relevant software

Programs, data, type-specific and device-specific parameters that belong to the scale or module, and define or fulfill functions which are subject to legal control.


Adjusting a scale to its reference position (usually horizontal) so that its axis of action is parallel to the vertical. This usually means setting the housing of the scale horizontal. Certain types of scales, particularly those considered to be portable, must be fitted with either a spirit level or a plumb line.

Leveling screw

Screw, usually on the baseplate or frame, that is used to align the scale in its reference position.

Load Cell (1)

A sensor which converts a weight applied to it into an electrical signal proportional to the applied weight and used to measure the applied weight.

Load Cell (2)

Force transducer which, after taking into account the effects of the acceleration of gravity and air buoyancy at the location of its use, measures weight by converting the measured quantity (weight) into another measured quantity (weight display).

Locking device

Device for immobilizing all or part of the mechanism of a scale.