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Patient data

Patient-related data (e.g. name, age, gender, notes of the physician) and measurement results (e.g. body height, body weight).

Patient database

Database for storing and retrieving patient data.

Performance test

Test to verify whether the equipment under test (EUT) is capable of performing its intended functions.

Personal scale

Scale used to measure the weight of persons.

Phase angle

Measure of the quantity and quality of the somatic cells; allows conclusions to be drawn about a person's nutritional condition and state of health.
(cf. seca patient printouts)

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt

Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology, the German national metrology institute with headquarters in Braunschweig and Berlin (

Place of installation

Location where the scale is set up and used.

Place of use

Location or zone of use of a scale in which the value of gravity is assumed to be constant. May be a city, an administrative area, or larger region, provided that gravity can be assumed to be sufficiently constant throughout the location.

Placing on the market

First making available for sale, or free of charge, of a device other than one intended for clinical investigation, with a view to distribution and/or use on the market, regardless of whether it is new or fully refurbished.


Movable reading element of a mechanical scale, read in relation to a fixed reference component.

Preset tare device

Device for subtracting a preset tare value from a gross or net value and indicating the result of the calculation. The weighing range for net loads is reduced accordingly.


Measurement result or other data printed by an external printer.