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Studies indicate that up to 40% of cancer patients globally are suffering from malnutrition. Many different conditions determine whether cancer is accompanied by weight loss and/or pathological, extreme emaciation (cachexia). Over the course of six months, a weight loss of more than 10% is a clear red flag for cancer. The muscles are primarily affected by the unwanted weight loss known as "wasting". It is especially important to regularly obtain precise weight measurements of patients with this clinical condition since cachexia is the direct cause of death in more than 22% of oncology cases.

seca  274

Freestanding stadiometer with display on the headpiece

$ $ 1,619.00*
Product Details
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium
Net weight33.1 lbs
15.0 kg
Product width17.1 inch
434 mm
Product height94.3 inch
2,394 mm
Product depth18.3 inch
466 mm
Measuring range30 - 220 cm
11 inch - 7 ft 2 inch
Our Recommendation

The new quality in height measuring is not only solid but also features wireless transmission.

Radiation therapy is not infrequently accompanied by a reduction in the patient's height. A reproducible height measurement is indispensable for a precise assessment of the effects of treatment.

The seca 274 digital stadiometer with wireless transmission uses the four-point measurement method. The patient's feet are placed against the heel positioner so that buttocks, sacrum, and thoracic vertebrae lightly touch the measuring rod. The Frankfurt Line on the head positioner ensures the precise positioning of the patient's head, with the line connecting eye and ear parallel to the floor. With the patient thus fixed on four points, the measurement results can be reliably reproduced.

Measurements can be transmitted wirelessly to a seca 360° wireless printer, a PC, or a wireless scale.

seca 274