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In anesthesiology, it is critical to obtain a precise measurement of the patient’s body weight because it serves as the basis for medication dosages. In emergency medicine, oftentimes weight is estimated since it’s difficult to determine a patient's weight when they are immobilized and transported via stretcher or gurney. In these situations, seca platform scales deliver the perfect solution for accurate weight measurements.

seca  656

EMR-validated platform scale for stretchers

$ $ 3,469.00*
Product Details
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium
Capacity360 kg
800 lbs
Graduation50 g
0.1 lb
Net weight101.9 lbs
46.2 kg
Product width35.8 inch
910 mm
Product height3.7 inch
93 mm
Product depth66.1 inch
1,680 mm
Our Recommendation

Precision weighing in all situations.

The seca 656 digital platform scale with wireless transmission is the ideal product for emergency medicine. The generous platform can accommodate patients on conventional stretchers and transport gurneys.

Speed is of the essence when weighing emergency patients that require immediate medical attention. A precise weight can be obtained in just two simple steps. First, emergency personnel roll the gurney with patient onto the platform. With the press of a key, the scale stores the weight and the measurement can be sent to a seca wireless printer, or via the software seca emr flash 101 to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Once the patient has been removed from the gurney, the weight of the empty gurney and the net weight of the patient appear in the display.

The precise weight gives the anesthesiologist the information needed for an accurate anesthetics dosage.

seca 656