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Precise weighing is essential not only in medical facilities, but also at home. seca’s private line of scales for personal use combine accuracy with stylish design for a optimal weighing experience. With over 175 years of experience, seca has continued to build its product portfolio that extends right into the comfort of your own home. Experience the difference!

seca  719

Column scale with four weight sensors for precise results

$ $ 279.00*
Product Details
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium
Capacity180 kg
400 lbs
Graduation100 g
0.2 lb
Net weight13.4 lbs
6.1 kg
Product width13.8 inch
350 mm
Product height37.6 inch
955 mm
Product depth17.1 inch
435 mm
Our Recommendation

A sculpted form that endures the test of time.

The digital display on the seca supra 719 is attached to the top of an almost one-meter-high stable column. The design makes it easy to read the results. The seca supra 719 is equipped with the Step-Off function that ensures precise weighing. When the scale is switched on with a light tap of the foot on the platform, a zero appears in the display to show that the seca supra 719 has set the zero-point. Now body weight can be measured. Alternatively, the person can first put his full weight onto the platform. Then the display shows "Step Off". In this case the scale determines the zero-point after the person has stepped from the platform and then displays the weight. Accurate weighing is possible only with this function.

seca 719

seca  813

Flat scale with high capacity

$ $ 145.00*
Product Details
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium
Capacity200 kg
440 lbs
Graduation100 g
0.2 lb
Net weight6.4 lbs
2.9 kg
Product width17.0 inch
433 mm
Product height1.9 inch
47 mm
Product depth14.7 inch
373 mm
Our Recommendation

High capacity digital flat scale for individual use.

The seca 813 digital flat scale features a solid steel frame, wide weighing platform and an extremely flat construction. These elements let you easily and safely weigh heavyweight patients with large waist circumferences weighing up to 440 pounds. The weighing platform is covered with a high-quality two-component material that is pleasantly soft, yet extremely robust. To ensure precise weighing, the seca 813 is also equipped with a step-off function. The scale can be turned on with a light tap of the foot, displaying large LED numbers which makes it easy to read.

seca 813