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seca emr flash 101. Maintain a good overview.

With the software seca emr flash 101 you manage the network and all integrated scales and measuring systems as well as printers with a graphical user interface. Wireless devices send their measured values to a PC equipped with a seca 456 USB adapter. From here, the measured values can be stored in an EMR or in an Excel file. This system solution is ideal for a network that spans just a few rooms. For a longer range and a network with many devices, we recommend seca integration solutions.

  • seca emr flash 101

    as download at

  • Synchronization
    EMR Module
    Synchronization<br/><strong>EMR Module</strong>

    Wireless data transfer to the electronic medical record (EMR).

    • EMR Module: Cerner/Allscripts/SystmOne or
    • Protocol: HL7/GDT or
    • API (custom interface programming)
  • Transmission
    seca keyboard module
    Transmission<br>seca keyboard module

    Fast and simple transmission of height and weight to any surface directly into your electronic documentation system (e.g., in Excel or Word).

  • Print-out
    seca directprint
    Print-out<br>seca directprint

    Personal print-out with helpful information and tips for your patient

EMR Module

In collaboration with producers of electronic medical record systems like Allscripts Professional, seca developed an especially user-friendly software module. Ninety-nine percent of all programming steps have been completed in these plug & play solutions. Additional connection options are available via standard protocols such as HL7, XML and GDT. Experts from the EMR provider or staff from the internal IT department complete the integration in a hospital's or medical practice's network. Another convenient solution is the configurable program interface known as "API" (Application Programming Interface), which lets the customer develop with simple programming steps his own module for an EMR system.

EMR Module

seca directprint module

The personalized patient print-out provides a fast, simple and convenient snapshot of your patient's health status. In just a few seconds all height and weight data are wirelessly transmitted to a printer and presented in easy-to-understand graphics on an information sheet. It's the ideal basis for a confidential conversation between doctor and patient.

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seca directprint module

seca keyboard module

The seca keyboard module is a user-friendly program that transmits height and weight with a mouse click into your electronic documentation system, which can be an electronic medical record, a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.

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seca keyboard module

System requirements

  • Supports operating systems: Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows® Server 2012 R2 and Windows® Server 2016
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz or higher; requires at least 1 GB of available memory on hard disk
  • Required main memory: at least 512 MB RAM
System requirements