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Systematic integration solutions

seca understands the integration process as a safe way instrument for maximum patient safety and easy documentation. The seca system uses your existing in-house network infrastructure for the encoded data transmission of measurements to the electronic medical record (EMR). The integration and administration of the seca system takes place via a central server which transmits all measurement results reliably via HL7 to the EMR.

The core benefits of our integration package include sound investment, scalability, robustness and minimum effort for administration and maintenance.

  • EMR validated products

    From any location seca measuring systems and scales transmit results via WLAN or LAN to seca software.

  • seca Software

    The seca software processes the measurement results of the connected devices and transmits the data to the connected information system.

  • Captured results are stored in the EMR.
  • WLAN
  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • LAN
  • User ID + Patient ID
  • Measurement results
  • Optional printout of the measurement results.

Cerner CareAware Validated

Cerner CareAware Validated

For clients who already work with Cerner our integration solution is very convenient because seca is Cerner CareAware VitalsLinkā„¢ validated. You can rely on existing interfaces that will shorten project runtimes even for large and complex integration projects. Our solution helps you to prevent errors and lets you spend more time with your patients.


In the constantly growing EMR market, we already offer solutions for many systems. Ask our experienced team of experts for your individual system integration solution.

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