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Health 2.0 / The medicine of tomorrow

The turn of the century saw the field of digital technologies rapidly progressing, revolutionizing everyday life in the process. The advancement of digitization has also reached medical sciences, although the use of modern technologies and digital solutions remains unequally distributed between the different disciplines. While digital data storage and processing, as well as telemedicine, are commonly used in the field of radiology, the majority of outpatient care is dominated by outdated computer systems, requisition slips and paper files. Despite previous concerns and hesitations, the topic of digitizing medical sciences has increasingly become the focus of public opinion and politics. E-Health and HealthTech are among the most up-to-date and future-oriented services, which the media and experts discuss intensively. E-Health (electronic health) provides a link between medicine, IT and health management, focusing on the integration of medical science and electronic data processing.

The E-Health service includes the digital storage and processing of patient data, as well as online and telemedicine, while HealthTech relies on mobile solutions and devices, databases and applications to improve processes and services within the healthcare sector. Currently, the medical community is willing to implement digital solutions, more than ever. The digitization and intelligent linking of data allows users to optimize work processes and to counteract increasing bureaucratization.

Already early on, seca ventured forward into the field of device networking and integration in hospitals and medical practices, with its development of the seca 360 ° wireless and the seca analytics 115. The seca 360 ° wireless technology connects compatible seca devices in order to transmit data wirelessly between them. In addition, the data can be sent directly to a computer and downloaded into an existing patient data management system (PDMS). This results in an automation and optimization of the measuring and weighing process, and in turn allows medical staff to spend more time on patient care. In addition, the risk of transmission errors is drastically reduced.

The powerful software of the seca analytics 115 is an extension of the seca mBCA, which can also process data from all of seca’s 360 ° wireless devices. The software simplifies the interpretation of a patient’s measurements ​​and improves the quality of the examination. In addition, it can graphically represent and display a patient’s data in a user-friendly print out. Seca puts great emphasis on the development of new digital products to maintain its leading role within the industry, and continues to do so by offering innovative and comfortable solutions that simplify and optimize day-to-day work for medical staff in hospitals and medical practices.

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