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Beach body at the last minute?

Summer is approaching fast, and with it comes holidays! While those New Year’s resolutions might already be forgotten for many people, the start of beach season always renews the desire to lose weight. But not for medical reasons - most people want a slim figure and fast results. Magazines and online articles are filled with new diets and exercise regimes, with all of them promising visible results in just a few weeks. But in order to lose weight (regardless of the differing dietary philosophies), the energy burned in the body must exceed the energy consumed. One kilo of body fat corresponds to 7,000 kilocalories, which need to be saved.

Still, losing weight should be taken seriously, since not all methods are equivalent in their efficiency. It's advisable to consult your GP first before starting a diet, or while on one. Our seca mBCA is a device, with which doctors can now measure the exact body composition of their patients to better evaluate their weight loss. Any physical changes are thus made visible at an early stage and can increase a patient's motivation and long-term success.

Diets that rely on rapid weight loss are based on a massive reduction in calorie intake. Frequently, whole meals are omitted or replaced by diet shakes. These diets may prove to be very effective in the beginning and result in rapid weight loss, but they represent an acute degree of starvation for the body. As a result, the body reacts with a decrease in the basal metabolic rate, making further weight loss more difficult. Returning to your old dietary eating habits, the so-called "yo-yo effect" might lead to a renewed increase in weight. A purely calorie based diet is therefore not only questionable for long-term success, but can also lead to malnutrition. With the help of the seca mBCA, the nature of such a fast weight loss can be assessed. In many cases, the weight decreases noticeably, but this may only be partly due to the loss of adipose tissue. If the supply of proteins is insufficient, muscle mass gets catabolized. This form of weight loss, with a noticeable loss of muscle mass, is therefore considered unhealthy and is not recommended (Case study). 

Similarly, excessive training generally does not lead to short-term success. Studies have revealed that many people clearly overestimate how much energy they actually need and exceed their daily calorie intake. Thus, they gain weight, although some of that gain is partially due to muscle growth. Ultimately, it is difficult to lose weight both quickly and healthily, and maintain it long-term. It is a process that requires a lot of patience and perseverance. The most effective form of weight loss combines long-term lifestyle changes with a focus on a balanced diet and regular exercise. Endurance sports have proven most effective. Healthy weight loss is characterized by a significant reduction in the proportion of adipose tissue with only a small loss or increase in skeletal muscle mass (Case study). This method not only yields better results in the medium- and long-term, but also has a positive effect on one's overall health and well-being.

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