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Your decisive advantages at a glance:

  1. Enhanced therapy decisions and optimized patient care due to additional information (fat, water, muscles; not only weight)
  2. Additional nutritional examination results like phase angle and BIVA help to detect unapparent cachectic states
  3. Accurate, precise results, validated by clinical studies
  4. Easy operation ensures
    smooth integration in daily
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Malnutrition assessment

Extensive assessment with the seca mBCA

Assessing malnutrition plays an increasingly important role.

  • Treatment of at-risk obese patients with precursors for diabetes and arteriosclerosis
  • Treatment of underweight patients with deficiency symptoms
  • Treatment of normal weight patients with reduced muscle mass and metabolic rates

Edema management

Water is life – but too much is a severe risk factor

  • Evaluating body water is of vital importance in many medical fields. Especially valuable for nephrology, intestinal, hepatorenal and cardiac patients
  • Monitoring total body water, extracellular water and water distribution helps to detect and control edema

Monitor muscle function

Over 600 muscles - countless areas of application

  • Monitoring muscle function offers various areas of application: Diabetology, training management in athletes, rehabilitation, physiotherapy,...
  • This is made especially easy by means of the segmental analysis of the extremities: arms, legs and trunk
  • Values are compared to normal ranges

Phase angle

One quick measurement - two vital answers

  • Provides information on health
  • Helps to detect clinically relevant malnutrition
  • Ideal for monitoring patients with cancer, COPD or chronic heart insufficiency
  • Differential diagnosis indicated for low phase angle values (dependent on age)